We need ideas in order to create growth and development within a company. However, we often lack a structured way to manage and develop ideas for new products and services. Idea2Innovation has seized this problem. They saw the opportunity to develop their in-house innovation processes into a tool for idea management, prioritization and decision-making. The result is WIDE. A cloud-based Idea Management System developed by Adeprimo.

Today, WIDE is a well-established system for supporting ideas and innovations. Both small-scaled to large-scaled companies and organizations, both locally and internationally.

Involvement, participation, development


WIDE represents a new type of IT system, delivered via the Internet through standard web browsers. It supports collaborative work as it’s based on the same logic used in social media. When a company uses WIDE they invite their employees, customers and suppliers to post their ideas and suggestions as well as provide feedback on the incoming ideas. Management then catches and drives selected ideas towards actualization. Improvement and development opportunities are made visible, participation increases, idea prioritization becomes easier, prototyping multiplies and overall growth and development succeeds.


– To engage and involve all stakeholders in the development of the company, by making the process from idea to implementation accessible, visible and measurable, are the main purposes of WIDE and why we, together with Adeprimo developed our innovation process into a system for idea generation, says Åse Angland Lindvall, co-owner and manager for sales and business development at Idea2Innovation.

Agile product development

Ever since its inception in early 2011 we have been working according to the Agile SCRUM methodology and each sprint has contained a clear MVP, minimum deliverable product.

– i2i are fantastic product owners. They understand the Scrum methodology and are good at prioritizing. They are interested in being at the forefront technologically, they want feature appearances without compromising the UX and they see a very clear connection to the money they put in and what they get out. The relationship is not only customer – supplier but more cooperation-collaboration, says the developer Ola Lidmark -Eriksson.

We started, as we usually do, by holding several workshops. We outlined the new development blocks and clarified the purpose and context. We began with the modification of an open source product, which led to a prototype, and this led to two products: WIDE and WIDE Installer.

WIDE Installer allows i2i to set up client installations themselves. In the future, WIDE Installer will allow the client themselves to set up their own installations.

– Now we personally can set up the installation and configure it directly during the sales meeting. That is a huge sales advantage, says Åse Angland Lindvall.

A motto of the project has been ” Everything that can be automated is automated.”

Automation & flexibility

The goal for i2i has been to adapt and personalize WIDE based on customer needs; the need to be able to change texts, visual identity, logo and add and delete functionalities. Today, there are multiple “ tail packaged” based on customer needs.

– Our focus is to push the product and our clients forward. We are continuously developing WIDE together with Adeprimo who also handles the developmental administration of WIDE. Today we also use WIDE as our own CRM, says Åse Angland Lindvall.

A selection of i2i’s customers

Camfil AB (the world’s largest manufacturer of air filters), FTTH Council (the world’s largest supplier for Fiber Optics), SkiStar (Skandinavian leaders in the adventure travel industry), numerous Swedish councils and municipalities and several Science Parks and incubators are all using WIDE.


IT entrepreneur of the year

Idea2Innovation received the Guldgalan prize for IT Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.
The following speech was made as an introduction to their award:

“From the mountains of Jämtland gazing out over the plains, with a clear mission to put the company on the global map. With its innovative designed cloud-based service, it allows both companies and organizations to develop their ideas by engaging both customers and employees in idea management and development processes. Customers range from small businesses to global organizations, all using the idea management system WIDE.”

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