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We have together with ICA developed an app with the main purpose  to teach children more about fruit and vegetables. We created a concept containing creating your own recipes, games, stories and quizzes.

In late 2013 the gaming app, Papricaklubben, was launched Papricaklubben and since then we have continued working together, including creating more games.


ICA Kvantum’s short-term goal is to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. The long-term – to improve the health of future generations by emphasizing the importance of a varied diet with hints of fruit and vegetables.


Need  & target groups

Of course, the app also aims at creating curiosity, inspire, daring to try something new and to make fruits and vegetables into something fun. Simply to engage children to cook healthy meals with their parents. ICA also want to create a positive shopping experience for the kids and support parents in their visits to their stores.

The app Papricaklubben is free and created for children between 6 and 9 years. Through the app ICA Kvantum wants to help children and parents to eat right and involve children in food-related activities. Hopefully this will create quality time together and also provide the opportunity for kids to “play adult”.

Project, idea and & solution

The project started with research with users, interaction design and graphic design. The technical development was carried out simultaneously with continunous testing with children.


–       Adeprimo has been a driving force in terms of both concept development and evolution of Papricaklubbenappen. That Adeprimo during the project continuously worked on the user experience by including tests with children, have contributed to the extraordinary high quality. We look forward to continued good cooperation with new fun and creative ideas, says Nina Kerfstedt, head of Papricaklubben & Editor in Chief of the Månadens Skörd at ICA. 

The app allows you, among other things;


ICA Papricaklubben app is a native app built in Titanium. Now we are working on further development to continuously improve the app and enhance the experience.

5stars The app was launched in late 2013 and has received great ratings and comments in App Store och Google Play

About ICA Kvantum

ICA Kvantum is a real grocery store with everything from the every day food to the world’s delicacies and cooking utensils.  ICA Kvantum always want to give you more enjoyment of food for your money.

ICA is, since March 27, 2013 a wholly owned subsidiary of Hakon Invest ( May 20 changed its name to the ICA Group) . With 2 400 own and retailer-owned stores in five geographic markets, ICA Group is one of the leading retail companies where groceries are the core of the business.

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