Musikverket (Statens Musikverk) gave us during the spring of 2014 commissioned to do a redesign of based on the new visual identity, graphic identity, logo and name. The goal of the new site was to inspire and reach a wider audience and to make available key functions additional to the well-informed visitor. The result


We have worked with Musikverket since 2011 when Statens Musikverk was formed. Early they saw the importance of digital communications and bought up a digital communications agency. Adeprimo won the contract, much thanks to our bridge skills areas such as communication, design, service design and technology. The mission then was to deliver the website and further develop the agency’s website and digital communications over a contract term of three years.

We have since we began our collaboration delivered the responsive website and seven sister sites and also an application system for project financing. In the spring of 2014 they changed their name, visual identity, graphic identity and logo. We were then commissioned to do a redesign of the website based on the new identity. The new site launched in September 2014.


Musikverkets communication needs can be summarized with “stand out” and not perceived as a bureaucratic authority – but rather to signal the nature of the mission which is characterized by culture for all the music, theater and dance and be inviting to reach the target groups in a relevant way. Much focus has been placed on the target group analysis, design and imagery to create the right feeling.

Musikverket shall in a direct, easy and attractive way present the activities and what the site offers through clear “call to actions”. You must everywhere be able to see and find out what Musikverket is and does and easily navigate to key functions.

Target Audience presents the various units of the authority and is intended both for researchers, artists, school children and the general public. Since the site has such a broad audience work focused initially on the scenario descriptions rather than finding demographic user segments, we worked on the basis of common needs and situations where visitors come in contact with Muskiverket. Communicative goal formulations have been created around what the target groups will think, know, feel and do, and based on the target groups have since content and functionality prioritized and developed. The focus was on clear, simple and timely information about what Musikverket is and does.

The project / idea & solution

Working methods throughout the project have been workshops with staff from Musikverket, some work on user research with reference panel and survey with employees. For the development project, we have worked along an adapted variant of SCRUM with focused development efforts and deliverables. Prior to and at first launch in 2012 was conducted dialogue exercises. is built in the publishing tool WordPress with responsive design in order to function optimally in all units. The site has several plugins and proprietary solutions for the language handling, comments, imaging, multi site search, streaming video, audio playback, et cetera. The site is built in HTML5 with high requirements for validation and availability – work that continues an ongoing basis as editorial further development of the content.


WordPress is installed with multi-site network due to the fact that Musikverket has several different business sites and blogs that shall have their own admin panel. Musikverket  also has some old domains pointed to the new sites, all are subdirectory to the same domain. Here .htaccess in Apache is used to send the user to the correct site.

WordPress theme is written from scratch to best be suited to the Musikverket requirements. For templates we use Carrington Build, a page builder, to modular build pages. CSS is written with the help of SASS and use self-made scripts for packaging of JavaScript. For Carrington Build we also have developed our own modules, with additional functionality to meet Musikverket requirements. We version handle everything with the help of Git, which we use for Production, Stage and Development environments.


With new we have created a website that feel, breathe and live culture. Instead of a traditional official site it now supports even clearer authority’s mission to “… promote a varied musical selection marked by artistic innovation and high quality. Musikverket shall also preserve, promote and make accessible theater, dance and music heritage “. presents in a direct, simple and appealing way businesses and what the website offers with clear navigation to key features and “call to actions”.

About Musikverket

One of Sweden’s newest authorities, Statens Musikverk (now Musikverket), was formed in 2011 with the ambition to promote cultural and act as a catalyst and encourage the free music scene, as well as music, theater and dance heritage. In 2014 Musikverket changed name and in connection with it was also a new visual identity, graphic identity and logo.

“Musikverket works to promote a varied musical selection marked by artistic innovation and high quality. The Authority shall also preserve, promote and make accessible theater, dance and music heritage. ”

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