Adeprimo has developed a digital online service under the brand MyMOWO. The initiative comes from the entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Frida Stein. Frida saw a need for a digital training service to create space and time for exercise in daily life.

With MyMOWO you can train where you want, when you want, without the need for a gym or tools. All that you need is a computer, tablet or mobile.

MyMOWO is simply created to contribute to a healthier society by offering fun and easy exercise classes online. The training service was launched in December 2015.

Background & need
For many people it is often difficult to make time to and prioritize training. Everyone knows that it is good to train and that we need it, but still it’s challenge to get all the pieces in the life puzzle together.

Frida Stein started the gym Fristilen along with two other training instructors in 2006. 2010 she gave birth to her first child, in 2013 the second. Suddenly Frida, who still had training as a job, found it hard to find time for here on classes. When she was at home with the kids, she began to think about live streaming classes from the gym. And it was here that the idea was born. In 2014, she sold here share in Fristilen and a few days later, she started the company Virtual Fitness Sweden AB.

Target group
MyMOWO is aimed primarily at women aged 30 to 55 who have difficulty finding the time to exercise and find it difficult to prioritize time for their own activities.

Project, idea and solution
The project started with research and the results showed that the market for digital training services is growing, however, it was lacking services for audiences who are not looking to build muscle or lose weight.

In parallel with the research we conceptualized and worked with branding to shape the training service and work out the needs, target group, develop the feeling and the story behind the brand and of course the logo and graphic identity. This process resulted in a new concept, an online group training service where everything is about movement and that all kinds of movements counts. A training service where measures, times and personal bests aren´t important, For MyMOWO it is well being and having fun that matters.

The process that followed was a conceptual phase containing a solid UX work and development of a prototype. The prototype was tested thoroughly by the team and a test group of 100 people. The feedback and insights that came from outside of the use laid the foundation for the further development of MyMOWO.

Adeprimo acted as a full service bureau in the project and has produced everything from concept, strategy, UX, design and technology to copy, communication, branding strategy and visual identity.

MyMOWO has been built from scratch on a thin web framework. The idea was that as far as possible use external services to MyMOWO because that is an easy way to scale up and expand based on the current and future needs. The basis of the service is built with the web frameworkt Flask and is operated in a PaaS (Platform as a Service), here we have chosen Heroku. Other key technical aspects of the servic , such as the payment solution and video delivery, has been built as integrations with other vendors, SaaS (Software as a Service) . The two most important are Stripe for managing payments and subscriptions and Ziggeo to handle video streaming.

MyMOWO has been very well received and achieved in less than three months, more than 1500 users. And the number is increasing every day.

When the service was launched we offered a free period and over 70 percent of the users chose to remain as paying members after the free period.

Want to test MyMOWO ? Start your free trial here >>

About MyMOWO
MyMOWO is a training service helping you work out and move when and where you have the time. With  lots of fun and easy group workouts in different shapes suitable for those who want to get started working out at home. With MyMOWO you can train at home without tools. All you need is a computer, TV , tablet or mobile phone.

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