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We are a digital agency that helps you build your brand, reinforce your corporate identity and create desirable digital experiences. We use our imagination, creativity and strategic thinking, along with our passion for the latest technology, to create strong brands and user experiences that generate income in digital channels. Products and services that inspire, motivate and involve.

Helping us with this are our products  and around 60 dedicated colleagues. The perfect mix of system developers, interaction designer, architects, ADs, project managers and copywriters.

Our youngest colleague is 19; the oldest is 55. We have the lively and uninhibited thought of youth and the wisdom that comes from experience. But perhaps the most important thing – we are a company that is full of people with passion. The will to make the best of everything. Every day.

This is our story…


The year that Sweden became Olympic ice-hockey champions in Lillehammer and bronze medallists at the football World Cup. An excellent year in Swedish sporting history, and the start of the web agency – which later became Adeprimo digital agency.


Soap operas, satellite TV and grunge. Computers and the internet. The decade of economic globalisation and the start of the digital revolution. In the 1990s we were a traditional advertising agency; we went on inspiration trips, dedicated ourselves to marketing, built websites and focused on creative design. In 1999 we renamed ourselves Adeprimo; this was the start of the digital agency that focuses on digital business. This period was characterized by an IT bubble in the business world, a real IT boom.


Then the IT crash happened. We didn’t crash; we shifted gear and accelerated into the new digital landscape. We set out on a journey towards the connected, social, mobile marketplace, uniting traditional business with hi-tech digital solutions and focusing on interactive experiences and mobility.

In 2006 we were acquired by the Mktmedia development company and, in 2009, we started to develop the Tulo business platform, commissioned by Stampen and Mktmedia, spearheaded by 47 newspapers. Originally, Tulo was purely an SMS platform – it is now an advanced business platform with a relationship database and transactions.

In 2008 we added more talented colleagues and opened offices in Örebro and in Vasa, Finland. And in 201o we became part of Sweden’s largest media group, Stampen.

And in 2013 we reinforced our position as a complete supplier of digital and mobile products and services through the purchase of Leanback, with the product E-magin for digitalising publications, and a new office in Västerås. We also moved into Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm.


Over twenty years have passed. A lot has changed, but not our love of what we do, the kick we get from challenging ourselves and the desire to do more.

We now work with customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the US and Poland. These include: ICA Kvantum, SkiStar, Destination Sälenfjällen, Åreidag, Copperhill Mountain Lodge and around a hundred media companies: New York Daily News, Göteborgs-Posten, Mittmedia, GOTA Media.

In April 2015  Adeprimo became a subsidiary of the MittMedia Group. MittMedia and EK took over Stampen Media Partner shares, which means that MittMedia is expanding its share capital and now owns 56.4 % , EK 39.1% and New Lidköpings Newspaper remaining 4.5% stake in Adeprimo.

Our offices

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Zätagränd 11
831 30 Östersund
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Klostergatan 23
703 61 Örebro
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Slottsgatan 27
722 11 Västerås
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Atlasgatan 15
113 20 Stockholm
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Vasa, Finland

Strandgatan 2 G8
FI-651 00 Vasa
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Adeprimo is a subsidiary of MittMedia Group. MittMedia's operations include 18 daily newspapers, eleven free newspapers, digital media, commercial radio, online tv, printing and apps.

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