MyMOWO is a service that provides training when and where you want, in a way that suits everyone. MyMOWO want to make training available to everyone regardless of where you live and when you want to train and is targeted particularly against women, and people who do not exercise regularly.

MyMOWO Devices

Along with MyMOWOs founder Frida Stein, we have developed the concept, design and the entire digital training service and responsive website,


The training methods are many and varied, you will definitely find something that suits you.


Of course, there is an added incentive in the form of a reward system.


Our offices

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Zätagränd 11
831 30 Östersund
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Klostergatan 23
703 61 Örebro
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Slottsgatan 27
722 11 Västerås
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Atlasgatan 15
113 20 Stockholm
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Vasa, Finland

Strandgatan 2 G8
FI-651 00 Vasa
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