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For us it’s all about delivering value. Memorable experiences for the user, business value for our customers. That we can not do without you. Therefore we always create together with our customers in a customer-driven process that is based on your and your users’ needs. In our client teams, we combine people with skills based on the business, design and engineering challenge in every mission. The balance between these three areas is the key to success.

The overall focus is to work with our clients to solve the underlying business challenge in the projects and provide a clear call to action. The experience to be easy and natural in terms of both graphical and technical design.

Business Challenge

What is the business challenge? What needs should we meet? For whom and why?

The goal of the initial work is to get to know each other and create conditions for close cooperation. We create a joint team with focus on the expectations, needs and defining challenges, goals and objectives of the project/cooperation. We are also starting to define user needs – for us it is important that right from the start get a clear view of operations and business challenges.

What we do:


We always start from the facts. What do users want? And how do we fulfill their needs? For it is not enough to attract attention. It’s about being attentive. Listen. And understand.

The goal is to understand end-users’ innermost needs and develop a strong empathy for them to create the best experiences. We push the boundaries and explore. Provides knowledge to conceptualize new business ideas and new ways of thinking. We do interviews, best practice research and more to gather experience, be inspired, test, identify needs and investigate.

What we do:

Conceptualization, strategy and idea generation

Based on a needs survey and other findings we start defining the concept. We define the type or types of digital services (website, mobile site, responsive site, app, etc.) that meet the needs in the best way. What functionality and information service should contain, how the information should be prioritized, how the service looks like and how we design and build service from a technical perspective.

The goal is to create a clear concept description and strategy linked to the business challenge.

What we do:

Design, Development & Testing

Once the concept work has landed in an overall conceptual solution the agile development work starts and we are working on prototyping, design and technology development based on the agile methods Scrum or Kanban.

We begin work on wirefarmes, digital sketches of some of the concept and design sketches. Based on the design sketches we create a clickable prototype that contains relevant data points for user behavior. The measurement points are important to promptly evaluate the behavior and adapt the interface accordingly.

The goal of the development process is to test, adapt and evaluate the solution to everything we do, every step, deliver value and benefit. Our work enables work with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which in its original sense, means “highest return of investment versus risk.” In practice this means working with MVP that we already initially develops the entire flow of a service, and then continually refine and improve.

What we do:

Measuring, tweak and further development

The idea of ​​our work is to quickly launch the service sharply to the market and then continuously evaluate and develop. The advantage of an elaborate process from the business challenge to launch with a clear call to action is that we soon get a measurable result of our joint work.

The goal is to analyze and evaluate the measurement points continuously, idea generate and improve together to keep your digital services competitive over time. We work proactively to drive development forward and always be in the forefront. Support, maintenance and further development is as important as the initial research and development work.

What we do:

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